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Diocese of Lansing Scholarship Announcement

YMCA Profile “Clenzell Bryant”

This is a story about a young boy who is striving to make a difference in his life.

Break Through The Static

This story is about a young girl who's life will forever be changed by her father's suicide

Rwanda; The Rwandan Story, After The Genocide

A decade  after the Rwandan genocide Builders Without Boarders takes on the mission to help

Vice President Mike Pence Interview

EWTN News Nightly Exclusive Interview with Vice President Mike Pence - 2019-01-17

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Interview

EWTN News Nightly interview with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Girl Talk Interview

EWTN News Nightly interview with Julie Larkin from Girl Talk

Marie Miller Video

EWTN News Nightly's Catherine Szeltner shares Marie Miller's story

Exclusive Interview with James Grime

EWTN News Nightly's Wyatt Goolsby sits down with James Grime for an Exclusive Interview about the Sexual Abuse Crisis in the Catholic Church

Bracelet Reunion

"Bracelet Reunion" won a Suncoast Regional Emmy.  

LeHigh Brush Fire ‘06

A major brush fire broke out in Lehigh, FL.  The Six PM producer allowed me to lead the show with this photo essay.

One Year After the OIKOS University Shooting

One year after the OIKOS University shooting in Oakland, CA, some are hanging onto hope.

Oaksterdam University Raid

US Marshals raid the Oaksterdam University