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About ME



My camera lens has shown me a wide range of perspectives around the world -- throughout the United States all the way to Kenya and Japan. Working as a photojournalist in television news for more than 20 years has been a privilege. It is a challenging and adventurous career. It has taught me how to tell an inspiring story, utilizing the latest technology in producing, shooting and editing.



Strong ethics and dedication to journalistic excellence have enabled me to cover the news in various markets throughout the country. Aggressiveness and the ability to capture emotion and "moments" through sound and pictures have earned me numerous awards, including regional Emmy, Edward R. Murrow and Associated Press awards. Further illustrating my versatility, I was promoted to chief photographer early on in my career in Sioux City, Iowa.



During critical moments of breaking news stories -- including six hurricanes -- I was there when people needed to know what was going on. Whiles families were locked in their closets and huddled in basements, I served as their eyes and ears documenting what was happening around them. The knowledge that I helped keep viewers informed when it mattered most is one of the most rewarding parts of the job.  News has also given me the opportunity to travel abroad and cover stories such as the trade embargo between Cuba and the United States, the aftermath of the  Fukushima earthquake and tsunami in Japan I l also traveled to Bethlehem to cover Pope Francis' pilgrimage to the Holy Land,  and to Erbil, Iraq to cover Christian persecution and the devastation left after the war.